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the valleys mtv

is the new tv show the valleys detrimental to the welsh economy  does it stereotype us  would prospective employers or tourists be put off coming to wales by the antics of those total imbeciles who appear in this garbage  i hope these people are not allowed to breed  what would that generation be like  being born here does not make it impossible to be civilized  if you see any of their behaviour in yourself go seek help now

I thought the first episode was dreadful, watched the second last night - if anything it was worse than the first! Where did they find these pointless individuals? I would feel ashamed to be related to any of them.

It was obvious what it was going to be like. These programmes are all the same - TOWIE, Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea. I use a Cardiff City message board and a couple of them are known to people on there. They don't all even live in the valleys. One lives in Pentwyn which is part of Cardiff. Another lives in Caerphilly which is about 10 miles from Cardiff.

It's all scripted. It has nothing to do with reality. It's car-crash TV, not worth getting worked up about in my opinion.

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