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Thomas James Beale

Tom Beale lived in Abertillery thru 30's & '40s, he served in the RN in WW2. After WW2 he made good as an accountant and part owner of the then famous Angus Staek Houses.

He moved with his Dad, also Tom whom we alled called "Pop", his  son, also Tom and daughter, Mary to Australia in 1966. I married Mary in 1969 and together we had 5 children. Unfortunately ill health and mental illness has claimed Tom, his son Tom and Mary too.

Our son Joel, who is now 26, is very interested in visiting Abertileery this coming May and so I thought that I might post this notice in the hope that an old friend might be able to make contact.

I am Noel FitzGerald and I live in Sydney NSW. I too will be in London in early May but will be heading for Franc
Jim Nicholas

Tom Beale

I was in school with Tom in Queen Street school and the County School.  We met in  Abertillery at the Old Tylerians Club in the 1950's and he told us of the success of Angus Steak Houses. We were very impressed ! He was a nice friendly bloke and the apple of his father's eye. I now live in Eastbourne having left Abertillery in the 1960's  following a promotion from the Ebbw Vale steelworks which took me to the Midlands. I am now 86 and believe that Tom would have been born a few months before me. I hope the trip to South Wales comes off - it is good to maintain contact with a family's roots - but I am afraid I will not be able to make the trip to meet up.

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