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three sisters standing stones abertillery?

i am new to abertillery and wondered if anyone could tell me anything about this stone monument on top of a hill in abertillery?
does someone know a easy way to get to it i have tryed and cannot find a way up there.

i have heard about it and am fasinated by it cos it is not on any map and there is nothing on the net about it can anyone tell me anything about it on here?

The only 3 sisters I know of Wolfy are not standing stones or a monument.They are 3 rocks that project out of the mountain on a flat area of ground above Cwm Nant y Groes.You can't really see much of them these days because of all the trees that have grown up there.Let me know if you want directions to have a look,there could be another 3 sisters but I've not heard of it.

hi ian yeah i think thats the ones you can see them on google earth and they are in a clear line pointing south east directly down the tyleri valley i have heard they are also called the three pins, i tried to get to them by going directly up the mountain from the front opposite the multi storey car park but its cut off by fallen trees but i reckon there must be a way up through the forest on the other side?

Could get up there behind Bryngwyn School years ago, not sure these days probably Cwm Nanty as Ian said.

You can still get up there from behind Bryngwyn School.As your a newcomer Wolfy,go up hill past main gate when you get to the junction directly opposite you is the end of a lane.Follow that until it levels by the quarry and take the left fork and just keep walking until you get to it. Very Happy

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