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Ian Jones

Throwing money in the rubbish.

This Council leadership gloated at the Independents over the wheeliebins, at least they can be used for storing household waste safely out of the reach of pests.
These trolliblocks are absolutely useless in every imaginable way.
The trolley is cumbersome, takes up way to much room, they store much less than the bags, one of the boxes when empty weighs much more than a full bag of recycling, it will take the workmen ages to sort at curbside, "extra boxes" (the Council's suggestion for people who say one trolliblock isn't enough) will mean even more delays for the workmen.
Alternative's for people experiencing difficulty with the trolliblocks ?????? One alternative given to me when i phoned 311556 was a workman traipsing through our homes (no disrespects intended to workmen) i asked who would be liable for injury to the workman on  my property, the lady on the phone said she would get someone to ring me back, i await their reply.

It's a farce.

I fully support the drive to recycle more but this initiative won't help at all towards that end. In fact, since the trolley bins are too small for many people's recyclable waste, it will probably mean more being thrown into the non-recyclable bins.

Meanwhile, routes are having to be drawn because the new lorries are too big for existing ones. And all of this is costing a great deal of money which other services are crying out for.


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