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To the blue badge holders of pensionable age

This letter is addressed to all the blue badge holders of pensionable age that constantly look at me in disgust when I am (legally) parked in a blue bay outside ASDA's shopping centre. I too am a blue badge holder, I am 44 and my body constantly feels like it's been in a car wreck. I suffer from poly-neuropathy in both my hands and my feet, I have kidney problems, I have two kneecaps that have been shot to pieces through years of abuse driving lorries and having to load and unload my own trailers by myself and to top it all off I have to have part of my right foot amputated.

I see you all looking at me in disgust parked in my car (that I paid for by the way with my own cash not with the governments mobility money which I refuse to claim) while I am in a blue bay. I also see you, getting out of your cars totally unaided and spending an hour or so wandering around ASDA's and then walking opposite to Farm Foods and Home Bargains before retreating into Peacocks to spoil yourselves with some new clothes/accessories etc. I see you and I am jealous. I would love nothing more than to be able to get out of my car without feeling constant pain, i'd love nothing more than to be able to wander around the shops mentioned for a few hours without any pain, hell, i'd love to be able to walk down my stairs without feeling any pain but unfortunately it's not to be. I'd also love to not have to take 14 tablets a day every day but that's not to be either. The next time you see me, I drive a blue Mercedes estate (no not a new one) parked outside ASDA's and you decide to give me a stinking look for being parked in 'YOUR' bay, just have a little think about who exactly is the one deserving of the badge/bay and who can walk around the shopping centre for hours on end unaided and pain free. Thank you.

Hello Chrispy and welcome  Smile

To be honest, it's so unusual to see a blue bay being used by a genuine blue badge holder I'd be more inclined to stand up and cheer!

Hi Chrispy.

Was George Osborne with you when this happened?

I ask because you've posted in what I term 'the Dark Side', that part of the forum that resembles discussions in the pub just before chucking out time.

You make a valid point, and you'd get rational viewers if you post it under (or get admin to move it to) 'General Discussion'.

The problem with ASDA's car park is that it's private, and hence not covered by the Highways Act.
And of course clamping on private land is now a thing of the past.

btw - I assume that your Blue Badge was visible?

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