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Eddie legge

To the forum pessimists

We didnít lose seats to the Conservatives because we werenít Welsh enough. We need a more optimistic message that people of all backgrounds can identify with. The message of miserablen rings loud and clear from the mouths of nationalists of all kinds, Ukip and Plaid together. Our job is to give people hope that things can get better for them and their families, and that we can achieve that better future working together.
Ian Jones

"Dull, boring, uninspiring" Labour.

An ex-Labour MP has warned that Labour faces the wilderness without radical change - calling the party dull, boring and uninspiring.

Kim Howells, who had been MP for Pontypridd up until 2010, warned that without changes to its thinking Labour could become a very small and unimportant party.

Obviously it's early days yet but the signs are that Labour will be returning to the right-wing policies of Blair (which you can't find it in your heart to criticise Eddie) when its new leader is installed. The logic of this move is that Labour has strayed too far to the left (!!!).

However, in the recent election, the Tories got 37% of the votes cast. So that's 63% who didn't vote Tory. And of course not everyone voted - the turnout was 66% so 34% didn't vote at all. So the Tories got the support of a pretty small section of the electorate.

The point I'm making is that there are LOTS more people who didn't vote Tory who Labour could win over than they are ever likely to win back from the Tories. But it's the latter votes they will almost certainly be chasing.

Get ready to defend some pretty appalling, right-wing policies from Labour Eddie. They will be trying to out-Tory the Tories in the preparation for the next general election. Add to that a potential disaster for Labour in next year's WAG elections and you are going to be very busy on this message board over the next few years.

Please note by the way Eddie that, where I have referred to you, I have been attacking your uncritical support for Labour and not you personally, so it would be nice if you could reciprocate.

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