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Eddie legge


Thanks again to our AM Alun Davies and our labour led Welsh Assembly Let us hope the next station will be in Abertillery  The first train is pulling into the newly reopened Ebbw Vale town train station on Sunday.
The station, which will serve the town centre, is part of an £11.5m project funded by the Welsh government.
Delivered by Network Rail, it features a new station building, 150m platform to fit up to six carriages, a car park, a waiting shelter and bicycle storage.
The 07:38 BST Cardiff Central to Ebbw Vale Town was the first train to arrive at 08:41 BST.
The station is located on the Ebbw Vale to Cardiff line and will be served by the existing hourly service.
Transport Minister Edwina Hart said: "The Ebbw Vale railway line is very popular, with some 300,000 journeys annually.
"Together with our investment in the track, the new Ebbw Vale Town station will improve access to jobs and services for more people along this busy route."
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Ian Jones

Wales is not becoming more Welsh or more left wing politically, it is becoming more centrist, says David Taylor.
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“Clearly it was not the result we were hoping for last night, and I will be playing a full part in building up our party for the upcoming elections.”

This was the rather stock phrase response from Carwyn Jones as he reflected on the General Election result in Wales. He went on to emphasise that Labour remained Wales’ largest party. Both of these statements don’t really suggest that a deep analysis is happening of quite where Labour went wrong in Wales. Because, make no bones about it, something is going very deeply wrong.

Just look at the chasm between the hard numbers and the spin Labour is putting on them. The paltry 1% increase in Labour’s vote in Wales needs to be set in the context of the low base of 2010 and shows no real progress. Further, the win from the Liberal Democrats in Cardiff Central was replicated in fifty other seats across the UK. They are just comfort blankets.

The real results Labour needs to focus on are the abject failure to win a single seat from the Conservatives in Wales, which wasn’t the case in half the regions of England. Even more devastatingly, of the nine seats across the UK lost by Labour to the Conservatives, two of these were in Wales. Gifting the Tories their highest number of MPs in Wales for 32 years.

My real fear is that Labour – or rather Welsh Labour – will learn all the wrong lessons from this defeat. When looking for answers, Carwyn needs to bear a few truths in mind. Firstly, Wales is rooted in the political centre ground part of the UK. The campaign fought here was even more traditionalist in tone than in England, abandoning Middle Wales’ – which is aspirational and not tribally loyal to Labour - presumably in the mistaken belief that was needed to counter the threat from Plaid. Well, that threat was false. Plaid have proven yet again that they can’t win a round of rummy in Wales even when they get dealt all the right cards.

Further, because of the weakness of Plaid, it is a fatal mistake to look at Wales through the prism of Scotland. What happened there is totally different. Wales is not becoming more Welsh or more left wing politically, it is becoming more centrist. Or rather, it is reaffirming itself as a centre ground nation, because that is where it has always been. The Conservatives understood that, and that’s where they positioned their campaign and their resources.

There is also the issue of leadership. This disaster was not just Ed Miliband’s fault. The campaign was badly led in Wales. The Welsh Labour leadership too blinkered in how it talks about business, talks about where people choose to get their news, and talks about an austerity agenda as if everything – absolutely everything – is the fault of funding cuts.

The First Minister can stand up in Assembly every week and blame the UK Government for all of Wales’s woes. It’s an easy line but it doesn’t work anymore. Over five years it has become dull and threadbare, and in this election the voters saw through it.

It is Labour that runs the Welsh Government. It is Labour that runs the majority of Welsh local authorities. And the Conservatives on a UK level successfully exploited many people’s unhappiness with those Labour run services at this election.

Quite simply, Labour did worse in Wales than parts of England because they are in government in Wales and that government sometimes seems detached from reality, struggling to modernise, lacking in steam or ideas, and unable to accept when it gets things wrong. Better leadership and better political responsibility are needed before that lesson is even considered let alone learnt.

This is the first time the Conservatives have won the Gower since Labour became a real political force over a century ago. They did that – and so much else – because they set out a clear identity in the centre ground and showed they were both better listeners and better leaders in 2015. That’s what Welsh Labour really needs to reflect on.........................................................................................

Strange how they always know what they should have done after the fact.
Such a pity they don't listen to the people and do the right thing maybe then Labour will gain power in the UK.
I can't see that happening in any election in the next 15 years.
At least now under a Conservative Government Abertillery MAY get a railway station.
Nil Sine Labore.

It is tremendous news Eddie. For Ebbw Vale that is. It makes absolutely no difference at all to Abertillery, other than a one minute change the schedule.

Maybe it would be better to post this on the Ebbw Vale message board?
Eddie legge

Rail Link

Martyn the residents living in Abertillery with the station at Llanhilleth were much better off than people living in Beaufort and Garnlydan and even with a new station at Ebbw Vale the same still applies
Has any one ever considered what damage rail passengers spending in Cardiff would impose on local shop keepers in Ebbw Vale and Abertillery?
When it was announced that the Ebbw Valley rail link would have an extra carriage Rocke said more passengers to spend their money in Cardiff no wonder we are so bad off

Re: Rail Link

Eddie legge wrote:
Martyn the residents living in Abertillery with the station at Llanhilleth were much better off than people living in Beaufort and Garnlydan and even with a new station at Ebbw Vale the same still applies
Has any one ever considered what damage rail passengers spending in Cardiff would impose on local shop keepers in Ebbw Vale and Abertillery?
When it was announced that the Ebbw Valley rail link would have an extra carriage Rocke said more passengers to spend their money in Cardiff no wonder we are so bad off

I'm confused now Eddie. Are you saying it's tremendous news or a blow to Ebbw Vale shopkeepers?
Eddie legge

Martyn I was told by an interested party the new Rail station was   Tremendous news for the passengers and spectators going to the new Cycle Track in Ebbw Vale I have seen myself the number of boarded up shops most probably closed because the once regular shopers are spending in Cardiff

Ebbw Vale has a new cycle track too? When did that happen?
Ian Jones

Martyn don't waste your time trying to have an intelligent conversation with an "I'm alright jack look after number 1 well off pensioner" who has quite emphatically shown he has no thought or respect  for our younger generation whatsoever.
Youngsters who need a reliable reasonably priced transport system to get them to where the work is so they can feel a sense of pride that they are earning for themselves.
EG: a taxi to Llanhilleth from Abertillery £6 each way, thats £60 out of someones weekly wage even before they buy their train ticket. The people of Ebbw Vale have the luxury of travelling right from their town centre to Cardiff for the price of a rail ticket that is how it should be but Labour are failing the people in the Ebbw Fach valley The Eddieite's would sooner see these youngsters in our valleys living from hand to mouth in abject poverty.
SHAME on any Labourite who would see our future generations continue in this way, they are to shortsighted to see the rail link is needed for people to find jobs and come back home to spend their money.
Labour has pulled the wool over our eyes for far to many years it's time they wise up and get the rail link for Abertillery they promised all those years ago or they may be the ones losing out in the forthcoming elections.


If it's the Rassau development believe the decision is due in December 2015. Probably would have been finished by now had it been down Cardiff Bay.
Ian Jones

A reminder for Abertillery online forum members.
Just because you make a comment on a thread started by me or "anyone else"  Wink i wont take it for granted that you are replying to me  Wink you would of course be using your right as a member to comment on any thread you chose to  Wink
Tis a pity that some member  Wink is so self important that they automatically think everyone is replying to them  Wink
Nil sine Labore.
Eddie legge

A plain yes or no

It was good news when  Ian pessimist Jones said Martyn I have decided not to reply to Comments from Eddie Legge,I was however disappointed when he replayed to my Tremendous  posting hence my comments about a liar having a good memory

You haven't replied to me though Eddie.

When you said you'd been told that the second station in Ebbw Vale was tremendous news  because it would give access to the cycle track, were you referring to the Circuit of Wales, which hasn't even been built yet and may never be built?

If so, that seems a bit unfair to me that EV gets an additional station to serve something which doesn't exist, while Abertillery doesn't get the station that was promised to us when it has problems which certainly do exist?
Eddie legge

Room for thought

Martyn sorry to have confused yourself or any other Forum member over my tremendous new station in Ebbw Vale posting
For the author of the local Means Test protests that my uncle Richard and other s were sent to prison over It is so very sad that you have deliberately used your superb writing skills in order to extract the urine from a 79 year old Forum member who was making a comment about the future Rassau Development Circuit of Wales We all know the Rassau development is still in the pipeline, And because of that you believe  the new railway station in Ebbw Vale should not have been built, Abertillery we know will eventually have a Railway station near Tesco shopping centre It was Martyn your close friend David Rocke who said an extra passenger coach on the Ebbw Valley Rail Link at Ebbw Vale would mean more people going to Cardiff to spend In reply to Rockes comments I did ask had everyone considered about the local shop owners who could lose out financially when the Abertillery Rail Link comes to town      
Now to Mr Pessimist Jones When in the wrong Eddie Legge will admit so and apologise for example comments regarding David Rocke
No apology from yourself Ian Jones when you accused a 78 year old pensioner of making inquires into your private life and they could you said be for wicked purposes Didn’t end there  you even accused the 78 year old respected pensioner of deliberately posting comments to yourself on Abertillery Forum on the anniversary of your daughters passing
I didn’t even know Ian Jones had children and that one had sadly passed away

Eddie, I deliberately haven't made fun of you in any way because I wanted to try and debate with you instead of it descending into the usual tit-for-tat. I genuinely didn't know you were referring to the Circuit of Wales until stoob suggested it might be.

You still haven't answered my question though. Do you think it's fair EV should get two stations while Abertillery gets none? David Rocke is a friend  but that doesn't mean we agree on everything and we very frequently don't. I have no idea what Rockey's position is now, but I think a station for Abertillery would be very good for the town. Presumably the Labour council and assembly do too or they wouldn't have promised it to us.

I have no idea why you say that we all know a station will be built. How do you know that Eddie?
Ian Jones

What do you make of that Martyn, i am supposed to apologise when someone pokes their nose into my private affairs lol some peoples audacity is immeasurable.
Eddie legge

Sick comments

Should Abertillery have had a Rail station before the recent new one at Ebbw Vale?
To have prioritized over one or the other only the powers to be can answer that Martyn, However I honestly believe Abertillery will sooner than later have its own rail link and station Our AM Alun Davies will do his utmost in making sure it will happen
Going back to what David Rocke said about an extra carriage for passengers on the Ebbw Valley Rail Link “More money to be spent in Cardiff” I believe the vast majority of passengers use the rail link to Cardiff for shopping leisure and pleasure Would that be a good thing for Shops and business premises in Abertillery
And now again to Ian pessimist Jones When I innocently asked if Ian Jones was the same person on two local Forums, He accused me of having an unhealthy interest in his private life and it could be he said for nefarious purposes, dictionary says  (Extremely Wicked)
Tell us Mr Jones why would an aged Abertillery Forum pensioner member have an unhealthy interest in your private life
The above bad enough, When considering I didn't know you had children and that you had sadly lost a girl, To accuse me of posting comments on the very anniversary of your daughters passing, was without doubt a sick unwarranted accusation one that I shall never forget

Why do you say only the powers that be can say whether Abertillery should have been awarded its promised station before Ebbw Vale got a second? Why aren't you allowed an opinion? You are not normally so deferential to those in

I think you know very well it us unfair but won't say so because it isn't the Tory government's fault but the Labour controlled wag and council.

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