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UKIP ?????

Wasted vote

Nigel Farrage doesn't think so.

Oh - and obviously the thousands of voters who enabled him/them to get all this publicity wouldn't either.

Strange thing is BG Labour recruited a former UKIP member to win a seat for them at the last Council Elections.

Mmm, a conundrum there then........................

Mar123 wrote:
Wasted vote

As will become apparent when nearly a third of the UK`s MEPs don`t bother turning up for work.
bill davies


I was born and brought up in Abertillery,and although I have lived in the West Midlands for over 50 years after leaving the RAF, and I always recall my Father telling me that that Labour could put up a "donkey" as an election candidate and it would win with a landslide.
UKIP is the only possible solution to todays mass emigration fiasco since Labour couldn't care less as long as they remained in power in Wales and the Tories only care for the already well off in society.
We need a non corruptly peoples party and if we don't realize this before it's too late we don't deserve to to remain a proud nation!
"Cymru am Byth"

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