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Use it or lose it - or lost it ?

I had the misfortune to go to the Doctor's today.

I say 'misfortune' because of course no-one wants to have to go there.

The same applies to hospitals of course.

So, in the surgery is a poster which says 'Use it or Lose it, Alun Davies Campaign' (can't remember the exact wording, but it's close enough).

It's referring to the possibility of EV hospital's Minor Injuries Unit closing through lack of 'customers'.

Now, how stupid can you be?

Is Aberystwyth Al seriously suggesting that we should do something to ourselves in order to use the facilities?

Or is he suggesting that we are so stupid that we would prefer to travel twice as far - and probably wait 4 times as long - to Nevill Hall ?

What he should be doing of course is campaigning to keep the unit open.
He should be cajoling the Aneurin Bevan Trust to do just that, not his own constituents to become customers.

He is representing us isn't he, or has he lost it?

Mr Rose - take note.    Wink
(PS you're quite welcome to use any part of the text in any letter to any paper you might wish to write a letter to).

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