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john gibbs

Warm Turn Infants - 1948 on.

Was anyone a pupil at this school in that time?
My two brothers and I attended, me from the time the nursery opened in the basement until I went to the grammar school.
I can't really remember any teachers except perhaps for the head, lou lewis, I think.
Any advance on that?
john gibbs

Has my memory played tricks on me, was it called Arael Infants?  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

I started at Arael Nursery in 1955, I don't remember any teachers from the nursery or infants but I do remember Miss Oakley and Mr. Fox from the junior school. Mr Trenchard was the head, he persuaded my parents to buy an Osmiroid fountain pen with a curved nib for left handed people. I must have struggled with the inkwells built into the right hand side of the desk, I used Osmiroid pens for years after that. Betty Sendall was, I think, the school secretary. She bought me a small easter egg when she saw me coming out of the school dentist clinic in absolute agony, I can't remember how old I was but I remember the Easter egg!!!!
glen chappelle

What a coincidence. I started in the nursery in about 1954 or 1955 and like you cannot remember the teachers names. One thing that sticks in my mind is the compulsory nap that we had to have every day in those fold up hammocks. I was never tired enough to go to sleep. teachers from the infants that I remember were a Mrs Fox and I think a Mrs Evans. The Infants Headmistress was a Miss Emanuelle. I think she was the sister of Kay Emanuelle who had the Gents Barbers in Carmel Street. He was a great bloke but took a long time because he chatted a lot with the customers while he cut their hair. I remember my brother and I would go in for haircuts after the Saturday morning Pics. in the Palace and not get out until teatime.
Back to the Arrael. I was taught by all of the teachers mentioned in the Juniors but I also remember a Mr Morris. are you sure of the surname of the secretary? I remember a Betty Arndell there.. I think Mrs Oakley was from the Old Post Office on Browns corner and was originally Miss Evans. Here is a class photo of the junior class with Mr Fox in about 1960.
john gibbs

Blurry hell, how could I have forgotten Ron Fox, we were neighbours later on when we moved to Cwm Cottage Road. Ron was the teacher in that piccy.
Regarding the nap, wasn't it to the theme tune of mothers and children at home? I got one of my fingers crushed in those fold up beds!

Betty Oakley is still alive and lives at the Old Post Office by Browns Corner and the school secretary was Betty Arndell.

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