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Watkins family, 88 Alexandra Road, Six Bells

Hi All

The family would have lived there in the 1950s. Leslie - a lad? Does anyone here know any relatives of this family still in the Abertillery area or elsewhere for that matter? Something has come into my possession that I think should be returned to relatives. If so, would you leave a message or drop me a pm?




HI David
The Watkins did live in Alexandra Road in the 1940`s -1950
There was Leslie ,Kathleen and at least one elder brother. Don`t know where they are now. One brother opened a secondhand shop
in Somerset St. I think Kathleen married and lived in Abertillery Road
Blaina probably still lives there. someone will tell us I`m sure!!

Thanks Dragongirl for that information.

I'll be pleased if someone comes forward from the family.

Hi David

If it was one of those Watkins's who opened the second hand shop in Somerset Street I am pretty sure it would have been Tom Bennett's father-in-law.
john gibbs

Dai, the youngest son, lives in cwmtillery, or did 3 or 4 years ago, he will be in his mid to late 60s now.
One of his cousins lives in six bells still.
If you pm me with why you want to get in touch I'll ask Dai if he wants contact.
john gibbs

I was talking to Dai's cousin today, as you probably know Dai was the youngest of 8 and only he and his brother Eric are still with us.
I'm pretty sure that he isn't on the www so if the O.P. pms me I'll pass over the last phone number I had for Dai.

PM sent John - thanks David
geraldine minty

Geraldine Watkins

Im Geraldine Watkins Eric Watkins daughter Im on facebook as Geraldine Minty cause I am married, I am in contact with my father If you would like to ask any questions or any infromation regarding my family.

Geraldine Minty
168 Richmond Road
Six Bells
NP13 2PQ

hi i'm erics oldest daughter Deborah, you can get at my email address, i'll be pleased to help anyway i can..x my email address is

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