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West family history

Does anyone remember the West family?  They moved to the US (Illinois) in the 1920s/1930s.  Parents: Ernest and Amelia West, children: Stanley, Gertrude, George, Lillian, Betty.

West Family

You missed Arthur West, he became a lion tamer, less dangerous than working in Cwmtillery colliery.
He trained the lions for MGM film studios.
Video on youtube called Gay's Lion Farm.
Family lived New Bridgend Cottages, Cwmtillery, before emigrating.
California not Illinois ?

West Family History

The family moved to 11 Tillery Road before they emigrated - Ernest went out 1926, ship was Olympic from Southampton.
Arthur went out 04 August 1928, ship unknown.
The remainder of the family sailed 20 August 1930, ship was Majestic from Southampton.
Arthur was California, others Illinois.
Article in the South Wales Gazette was dated 22 August 1930.

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