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Ian Jones

What a crock of Soot=S**t

Second round of budget cuts announced in Gwent in bid to save 10m

Several proposed savings in the latest phases were rewritten by the majority Labour group before the vote on Thursday.

These included a reduction in the planned hike in the price of Meals on Wheels prices to 3.15 instead of 3.90, opposing car parking charges, and no longer cutting back on street lighting funding, which would have seen street lamps switched off from 9pm until 6.30am along major routes.

Wow don't Labour look like the good guys, the only thing is the Street lighting going off and the car parking charges were veeery likely RED HERRINGS in the first place.
By them proclaiming we are not turning the lights out and not charging for car parking it makes them look good to the voters well most will see it for what it is and that is the stuff that comes out of a Bulls back end.
Well here is your end of Year report Must try harder !!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

It's a long wait until the people of Blaenau Gwent are rid of them unfortunately  Crying or Very sad On the other hand Hedley and his gang are making such a mess of things in this area that I don't think it would be out of the question for the WGA to step in.

What a crock of soot

Sent three letters down the Bay to Griffiths and her crew, needless to say no response from her Martyn.

Probably stuck in the Christmas post stoob  Laughing Shameful really though.

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