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What a Prophecy !! - Spot the Mistake ??

A proprietor of a business in town gave me this letter last week.
I haven't published it until now because I've been waiting for BG's response (which hasn't materialised) to a query I have.
No point in it being old news, so:

"                                                                                              3rd May 2012

Dear Abertillery Business.

RE: Abertillery Town Centre Christmas Lighting - Sponsor help request

Due to correspondence with all Abertilery Town Centre businesses last year, you are aware that a Working group has been established to seek improvements to the Christmas lights displayed in Abertillery Town Centre to complement the high quality regeneration taking place.

Abertillery & Llanhilleth Community Council historically provide Christmas lighting in the Town Centre however due to budget constraints the Community Council is limited to Christmas lights spend so the Working Group have helped to raise additional money to extend new lighting across to other parts of the Town Centre during the past 2 years.

This new blue LED lighting purchased for some sections of the Town Centre has made a welcomed improvement in these areas. Therefore the aim is to continue this extension and modernisation of Christmas lighting across town.

Last year the following businesses, former and current Borough Councillors and organisations kindly sponsored the project which helped enable purchase of some of the new lighting last year:-

(I've excluded most of the names for privacy)

(Abertillery business)
(Abertillery organisation)
Former councillor (name excluded by me)
Councillor (name excluded by me)
Former councillor (name excluded by me)
Former councillor (name excluded by me)
Former Councillor D Rocke
Former councillor (name excluded by me)
(Abertillery shop)
(Abertillery shop)
(Abertillery agency)
(Abertillery shop)
(Abertillery shop)

Further sponsorship is necessary this year to help continue with the improved festive lighting and your support would be appreciated. Quotes for an additional 21 modern LED light motifs and installation have been obtained totalling over £11,000 and your help to purchase the required lighting would be appreciated.

Any value of contribution is helpful, but guidelines for contribution requests from both independent businesses and national businesses are offered as follows:-

Independent businesses (businesses with 3 or less business premises) - £50
National/multi-national businesses - £100

For project planning purposes, confirmation of your intention to contribute would be gratefully received before 8th June 2012.

If you require further details........ With regards and thanking you.....  "

Anyone spotted the glaring 'error' ( I say that because the council haven't confirmed that it is an error ) ?

How could the letter writer have known the result of the county borough elections before they took place? Crystal ball, or something more devious. If true, we are really living in a banana republic! This needs further investigation by outside authorities.

Absolutely spot on 'Myson' (hello btw).

Imagine if this was a Third World, former Communist or despotic country and the Government had given out the results BEFORE the count !

And I queried it on Saturday, got a reply on Tuesday - and still haven't been given an explanation.

Oops look out - I think the Yanks might be coming !

Is the letter above what Eddie/Labour Party Members were referring to when they wrote 'as you might well know, labour comes down hard on those who betray a trust' - this is how far they have gone and how hard, doesnít look like an error to me. Absolutely stinks.

Iíve heard from a shop keeper that it wasnít just Rockyís name they put as former (whilst still a councillor at the time the shop keepers received the letters), there were other councillors, and guess what, they didnít get back on either, shocking, they knew of 3 or so councillors who werenít going to win BEFORE the counting. How can this be??????

I was correct when I said the Labour Party will probably try and get Independents/non-party to join Labour, they have already tried, very funny that. Certain people writing behind Eddies name have also been told to stop bringing up certain subjects such as Peter Law amongst others. The Labour Party doesnít want the one-off documentary about Peter Law and how badly the Labour Party treated him, to be broadcasted again on mainstream T.V. They donít want the public to be reminded. Last time it was shown the Labour Party lost a lot of support from members/councillors and public.

If someone behind Eddies name (or now commonly known as the Labour Party) should choose to make a comment on this subject, they should choose their words carefully as someone in the Labour Party wants to pin point who wrote what on this site on Eddies name, and this person knows it isnt the real Eddie, as one party member has told other party members. You could have your membership cut short.

Back to the main subject. Totally agree with the other comment, this needs to be checked by an outside body, and before they cover it up.


There won't be an adequate cover-up.

If I - and I'm speaking for 2 other 'former councillors' as well - don't get a response to my email/letter (which we're well entitled to have) then I'll personally draw up a leaflet containing a copy of the letter and asking people of the Wards affected to write to the council, and get it delivered within a week to over 4,000 households.

Surely it doesn't take that long to say 'oops, sorry Mr Rocke, the letters were drawn up on Thurs 3rd but not finalised until the 4th, but unfortunately the town centre manager failed to change the date of the letter. Please accept my apologies for this clerical error'.

Or words to that effect.

btw - why only 2 Labour candidates for 3 seats in Abertillery, especially with the spectre of the BNP looming large?
The Party was short in Blaina, but recruited someone from Cwm as a fill-in.
Why couldn't it do the same in Aber?

I - and the former councillors who I made the complaint on behalf of - have received what I think is a gracious reply from a very senior officer.

The date of the letter was incorrect - it should have been 4th May (the day after the elections).

I think that was to be expected.
However, the letter went farther than that and stated that the timing and content of the letter that went out was insensitive.

Action has been taken and an apology has been provided.

Steps have been taken, including ensuring that from now on letters with sensitive content will have to be cleared by senior management.

Finally it acknowledges my comment that 'it was not the cleverest of letters' to send out.

As a result, I consider the matter satisfactorily closed.
Ian Jones

Rocke wrote:

The date of the letter was incorrect - it should have been 4th May (the day after the elections).

Try using an excuse like that if you pay your Council tax a day late!!
It seems Eddie wasn't the only one who got the election day mixed up.

I expected that to be the reason Ian but in fairness they have gone a bit further and realised that the timing was insensitive.

Let's be blunt, it's damn stupid to issue anything that mentions councillors near election time, especially when a) it was about Christmas; b) it was May; and c) there was 5 weeks to the deadline - would 4,3, or 2 weeks to go have made a difference?

The only remaining issue I would have is if the author is found to have connections with the Labour Party. That would change things considerably.

As I've said, I'm/we are satisfied but I will be suggesting that a letter of clarification is sent to all Aber businesses.
I think it would be a penance as well as enlightening traders and their customers.

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