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Eddie legge

What can we do to help

Dear Thomas, From Ed Miliband to Thomas Edmund Legge otherwise known as Eddie Legge

2013 will be a big year for the Labour Party – I need you to help me make it a winning one.

As a country we face big challenges. Our economy is flatlining, the cost of living is going up and up and too many people are out of work.  David Cameron’s Tory-led Government isn’t up to the job - we need change.

What will you do this year to help build One Nation?

Before Christmas I went to a food bank in London where I met an amazing woman called Daphine who runs the food bank. I also met some of the people using the food bank, including a man who’d had to walk 11 miles to a job interview because he couldn’t afford the bus fare (he got the job).

It spoke to me about the strength of spirit of people trying to find work even in difficult circumstances, and those, like Daphine, who give up their time to help them.  

Stories are important.  We’ve all at least got to imagine walking in the shoes of others, to be the man who walked 11 miles to the job interview, that’s what it means to be a One Nation Prime Minister.  I don’t think David Cameron can do that – do you?

And while we’ll never eliminate struggle, we can tip the scales towards hope – that’s what a One Nation Government could do.

In Government it would mean creating a One Nation economy that works for everyone – not just the few.

In 2013 it means building a Labour Party rooted in every community, determined to fight for the future of the United Kingdom.

My New Year’s resolution is to speak to people all over the country about the challenges they face and their priorities – and I’ll share those with you over the next few months.

I want to hear your stories – what will you do in 2013 to help the Labour Party and help your community?

Britain can be better than it is. There can be hope for people again.  Labour people working together can deliver that.

Thank you. Ed
Ian Jones

Eddie could you tell us who this is from or to, i see first names but that is a little vague to me.
Others may well know but could you please humour me thank you.
Eddie legge

Sorry for confusion

Sorry Ian Jones the letter from Ed Miliband to Thomas Edmund Legge
When I joined  labour party I did not register as Eddie but the name I was christened with Thomas Edmund dose that humour you a little more    
Eddie Legge
Ian Jones

It Dose Eddie, a very big Dose t/y  Smile

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