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What have they got that we haven't ?

Not meant to be political (though I suspect it will end up getting hijacked and despatched to the Black Hole).

If you live in Cwm Farm road you'd have had your road resurfaced in nice quiet tarmac. Lucky you.

Us in Alma St. had ours dressed in chippings. Lots of lovely missiles to spray all over the place.
I wonder how much cars were devalued by?

It was like the two roads coming in to Aber from the South, a few years back.
The A467, a major arterial route, got 'chipped' while Victoria Road was given the nice quiet, car-friendly treatment.

The size of some of the holes on Cwm farm road they would have needed a quarry load of chippings to fill them.

On a serious note they also re kerbed and relaid the pavements by BrynGwyn school and yet people still park on them when dropping off or picking their kids up.  So how long before they need replacing again.

Apparently the road on the Cwmtillery Ind. Estate (TVF, Sorting Office etc. ) has also had the tarmac treatment.

maybe its to do with the amount of traffic expected on each rd.  It may be that chippings are stronger.  

I do know though that both roads were in a far worse state than Alma st. I actually heard a rumour that BGBC were thinking of employing a team of Sherpas to guide people out of some of the potholes on Cwmtillery Ind Est rd.

Alma St is now a complete mess, almost devoid of top dressing.
People left their cars parked, so one side of part of the street has large areas about an inch lower than the rest of the road.

I gather that the Avenues are being done. Whether or not the subsidence (which is the cause of many problems apparently) has been sorted I'm not sure.

As for TVF etc. I'm not sure if the blocked gully has been cleared (presumably not, given the work it would involve), so water might still pour down the road, eroding the top layer. Time will tell I suppose.

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