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Eddie legge

Why Why O Why

John EvansNeath Voice
To the politicians of this once great country, whatever party your alliance. A message for you, there are thousands brave men and women who are serving or have served this land, and followed your orders without question. You take all the credit for the work they do. Now we call on you to step up to the mark, what has happened on a London street in broad daylight today is beyond comprehension, it is not a time for "spin doctors" and "crocodile tears". It is time for you to admit we have problems in this country, there are certain people living under the protection of our free society carrying out acts of terror and spreading hatred and fear. We have had enough! We are not bigots or racists, all we want is justice, deal with this scum now.
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Eddie legge

Tis bad enough to lose a loved one on active service
How on earth will the family of Lee Rigby ever come to terms with the way he? was killed
and on a London pavement in broad daylight
Apparently one of the killers Michael Adebolajo was born in 1984 and came from a devout and loving Christian family
Agree or not with what John Evans of Neath has said What can be done and what should be done to prevent this from ever  happining again

1 Reply (from one of Eddie Legge.Co.Uk?), 179 Views (from 179 of www. convince-people-that-it's-the-tories' - probably not, just decent members of this forum looking to see what's been spouted now).

You got one thing right though - "Why oh Why (do you still believe that people on this Forum are so stupid as to believe what you spout)" ????????????????????????????????

As a member of the Royal British Legion, I abhor the act of terrorism that took the young man's life.
As a member of the Royal British Legion I thank God for Lee's devotion to HIS country.
And as a member of the Royal British Legion I KNOW that our professionals will be there to help his kith and kin, wherever and whenever.

Did YOU ever fight for OUR country ?
(Any of you - I give you a fair chance)

Oh - and no - I never did.
Never had to - because of 'THEM'.

Eternally grateful, and will eternally show it, as is my word.
Eddie legge

David Rocke is a member of the Royal British Legion and as for his asking “Did you ever fight for our country” Eddie’s reply no but my father did 2nd World War my wifes grandfather 1st world war A first cousin killed when the Hood was sunk by the German Battle Ship Bismark I did however serve for three years in the British armed forces but not on active service  and as for the present My grandson in law has served two six months tours of duty in Iraq and three in Afghanistan
My family and I like countless others also abhor the act of terrorism that took the life of Lee Rigby and in our hearts we know what  his family are going through

But most don't try to make political capital out of it.

Oh - and my relatives go back a long way as well, just like most people's in fact.

Tawdry, to say the least, to use this as an excuse to have a go at "politicians".

And quite cowardly in my opinion to use someone else's words and simply claim to be reporting them.

What's YOUR opinion, pray ?

What's the solution?

No-one's bothered to reply have they?
Haven't stimulated debate have you?

No - because it's just another anti-non-Labour rant.
Why did you post it in here?

Because it was intended as an anti-non-Labour rant in my view.
Shame on you.
Eddie legge

To ex local councillor Rocke, Eddie Legge is not a coward and he did not use the Killing of Lee Rigby to blame anyone other than the two now arrested
You didn’t have to reply to my posting and when you did it was five days later what you didn’t expect was my reply in detail to your Have you ever fought for our country
I have to be careful as to what I say apparently I have slipped below debate and into personal attacks on members of Forum in particular Rocke and Martyn 142

It took 5 days because I gave someone (everyone) else a chance.

No-one's interested in interacting with you it seems, apart from me.
It's one of the main tools of your lot's trade - apathy.

However, my view is that every now and then you have to be reminded that it's solely because people are jarred off that they don't respond, not because you're 'clever'.

And - as you've yet again reminded our readers - I speak with authority, having been there.
Ex marks the spot-on.

And your original posting did attempt to impart blame.
If someone is told to "step up to the mark" and "deal with" something I suggest that prior lack of action is being held up as a cause.

You, of course Thomas Edward Legge, might not be aware of the subtle inference in the statement attributed to you, but those who were complicit in constructing it almost certainly were.

And hiding behind something or someone is, in my - and I suspect most people's - view a tad cowardly.

I'm off to the Derby meeting now, so don't read anything into the fact that I won't be giving you a lesson in communication and getting the message across until after the weekend.

Eddie legge wrote:


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