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Williams Family Market Row Nantyglo and Graig Terrace Cwm

Thought I would update you on the search for my Grandfather. As a result of three articles in the South Wales Gazette for 1914, 1919, and 1929 we now have the name of our Grandfather! The articles related to a Paternity Case. The 1914 article only gave the names of Florence Watkins and William Williams, and we had to be certain we were going down the right road. The 1914 article gave an address for William Williams - Market Row, Nantyglo. Thankfully the other two articles contained more information. Curzon Street was given as Florence's address and that's where my father was born. So we knew the articles were about my Grandmother. The 1919 article said William Williams lived in Graig Terrace, Cwm in 1919 and the 1929 article said he was still living in Cwm (but didn't say where).

The only thing we can think of now is to look at the 1919 Electoral Roll but unfortunately the Records Office is relocating and not open again until October.

We looked at Market Row or Road on the 1911 and there were quite a few Williams's living there.

Can anyone suggest what else we could do to find the right William Williams? We don't have any idea when he was born and it's not the easiest name to research in Wales!

If the name rings a bell with anyone it would be good to hear from you.
My sister and I would really love to know more about William Williams and what sort of man he was.

Hope all your family histories are continuing.

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