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Works Party

Here is one which hopefully someone will be able to help with. I confess that I only know one person on it, my mother, who unfortunately can't tell me any of the others. It looks very much like a works' party to me. She used to work in the sewing factory near the Cottonwood at one time - was it LCRs? It might be that firm maybe?


hello Martyn , I don't recognise anyone on the photo (not yet), if it is the sewing factory then it would have been H.Lotery and co ltd which was on the site of the now Davey Evans court , think they used to make uniforms for Postmen and Policemen.

That sounds right XPOP - Lottery or Lotteries rings a bell. I'm not saying it is that firm definitely but that would be about the right era I think.

factoryphoto LOTERY`s?

Hi Martyn,
      Maybe this is a Lotery Photo but I worked in the office of Lloyd`s Menswear in Nantyglo and a lot of the people on there worked as
machinists, supervisors Garment cutters etc, Lloyds made dressing gowns
ties. blazers and had a shirt factory inDerry N> Ireland  Can`t remember
when LLoyds started but I was there from the start. As was Mrs Davies
6th in front rown She was Supervisor on Dressing Gown Line .Joyce from Blaina and her daughter Marie who was our switchboard operator married
to Bev who was a photographer and they lived in Gilwern. Eira Burchell,steampress  worker  3 gentlemen who were in the cutting room
a lot of the workforce were from Brynmawr and Ebbwvale.Some faces are very familiar but old age defies memory, I saw the lovely photo s`of your
Mum, how old was she in the first photograph ?

Hi dragongirl. If you think it is Lloyds then it almost certainly is as my mother also worked there as a machinist. Thanks for the comments about my mother's photos. She was in her early 20s in the old photo I understand.

Factory Photo

Hi Martin

I thought there were too many people from other valleys to have
travelled to Abertillery!!! I asked about your Mum`s photo as I`m sure I knew the face and recall a Gwyneth Thomas ,mind you I also lived in Sixbells for a twenty odd  years so maybe knew her from there!!
  Other  people on the photo are Brian Webley (think he worked in the Warehouse ) The tall gentleman at the back was last seen running the The
Bell at Llangrwyney. Memory is a strange thing   little snippets of information kept coming back as I looked at that photo-as I was payroll /
wages    clerk I obviously knew each department very well !!!

woman in the flowered top

The stern looking woman on the right with the flowered top on is my late nan - Doreen Britton. I also recognise one of the ladies sat to her right as Susan Thomas - Both from Lancaster Villas/Street in Six Bells xx

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