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Welcome to the Abertillery Online Discussion Forum. We hope you find it board useful and enjoyable.

In order to post messages on this board you have to register by clicking on the "join" button in the top right hand corner of the main frame.

TO JOIN - You must then provide a username and a valid e-mail address before you can post any messages to the forums.

An e-mail will be sent to your address containing a link which you must activate before posting.

BOARD USAGE - Please treat other users with the same degree of respect that you would expect yourself. If you consider that a posting is offensive or personally abusive, please PM (send a personal message) to the administrator (admin) or a Moderator and they will take action to try and sort it.

To reiterate
- personal abuse is unacceptable
- please restrict your comments about individuals to what they have written on the forum or in the case of public figures, their verifiable public behaviour.

Postings considered to be “trolling” or “flaming” will not be tolerated. Users employing signatures that link to external sites or links to websites unsuitable for a family based website will be banned. These posts will be removed, the user banned and the user's Internet Provider will, without exception, be notified of their activities. The same applies to anyone caught “spamming” on this board.

This board is not an official part of the Abertillery Online site and as such does not any represent official views of the Abertillery Online website or Cybertyleri. You are reminded that the legality and content of messages is totally the responsibility of individual posters.

       - Abertillery Online Discussion Forum - Forum Index -> Board Usage - Rules and Regulations
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